homemade buns cooling on a tray
Homemade buns

I’m not much of a one for food photography. Don’t get me wrong, I love photography and I love food (more than I should). I’m the perfect person to be taking pictures of food, I just never seem to get round to it. I’ve read plenty of blog posts on how to photography food. The secrets are a) a good food stylist and b) light. Always the light. I was baking bread so I decided to dip my toe into the food photography arena.

So I made some buns. The smell in the kitchen was terrific. I hastily stacked a few of the buns on the cooling tray, which isn’t very good styling, put the arrangement near a window, and snapped away.

The buns on the top row are topped with hemp seeds and the bottom row have poppy seeds. They were delicious.

Next on my list is to try a recipe from The Yummy Cookery Club to see how that works out.

Is it Straight?

Is it straight

Another image taken for In To The Orchard‘s Summer Photo Fun project. This week’s theme was straight.

I’ve been hospitalised this week. In fact, yesterday I had my first ever general anaesthetic. This has left me house bound so I wasn’t able to go outside to find something straight. I had to use what was available to me around the house. A quick visit to the garage and I saw the spirit level. A quick request to my nurse/model/significant other, with the promise of a wide open aperture to obscure any features, and the picture was made.

(I am on the mend and will be back up and about soon so don;t fret on my behalf).

Landscapes in Littleborough

Littleborough scenery

I’m not very good at landscape photography. It is something I have always wanted to be better at. ┬áIt takes work, a lot of work. It takes effort, patience and skill. I decided that the only way to get better is to make that effort. To try. So I got up extra early, before dawn. I set out to a nice area that was nearby where we were staying, set up the tripod, and waited for the sun to rise. Unfortunately the sunrise was completely covered in cloud. I only saw the sky getting gradually brighter and brighter, but couldn’t actually see the sun. I went back to bed. I got back up at about 9:00AM and could see the sun. There were fishbone clouds in the beautiful blue sky. I went back out, set up the tripod again, and took the picture you see above. It isn’t going to win any awards, but it is the best landscape image I’ve ever managed to take.

It has however inspired me to try some more. I even tried a portrait orientation landscape picture, if that makes any sense.


Bright Idea

The author has an idea

Another image taken for Ian Street’s Summer Photo Fun photography project. This week’s theme is “Bright”. I wanted to post something a little different. I knew that I wanted a low key image because I thought that would be different from the norm. Then the Bright Idea concept hit me and here is my image.

Unfortunately the model is a bit funny looking, and was sweating rather profusely. This is what happens when you are you own model and there is no make up artist available.



Good guy blogger In To The Orchard has been posting about his Summer Photo Fun photography project. This seems like good fun to me. This week’s theme is “Machine”, so I got the macro lens, tripod and flash gun out and had a go.

I lit the scene with a trobe, off to camera left to add those specular highlights. I have a blue gel on the flash head. I did try an orange CTO gel but the blue one looked a bit more “machiney” to me.

Hope my entry gets added to the project.

Another blog?

I was speaking to some random guy in the pub. It turns out that he’s kind of in charge of the Internet and says that there aren’t quite enough blogs out there, so I should create one.

Here is that blog. I do hope you find something, anything, of interest. Thanks for stopping by.