Extension tubes

Pretty flower

Macro photography appeals to me. The idea of not having to ask your subject to pose and never getting a refusal when asking if you can take a picture fits right within my comfort zone.

The issue is, that I don’t have a dedicated macro lens to fit my new camera. I do have a have a macro lens for my  older camera, but alas it will not work on the new one. So I was looking online at a couple of options. It was a question of how many hundreds of pounds do you want to spend? A few hundred or quite a lot. Hmmmmm, neither option seemed that appealing to me.

I’d been reading about extension tubes. These will alter the closest focussing distance of any lens you attach to your camera. I bought a set of three tubes of different size for £41. These were then attached to my camera along with my trusty 50mm lens and I went out looking for flowers and insects. I am absolutely delighted with the results.

Lunch over

Another buzzy thing

Pollen eater


Feeding time

5 thoughts on “Extension tubes

  1. Lovely shots. The wider the lens the closer you get, the longer the lens the more distance between you and the bee. If you have trouble with depth of field you may want to consider reflectors or flash to give the light a boost. That said I do like what you have done at 50mm. You have reason to be delighted.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and the advice Victor. I’m looking forward to trying out some different lenses with my new toys. These were not planned shots, just some spare of the moment snaps whilst waiting to collect somebody. I’ll be sure to take the flash and reflector out with me next time.

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