Changeable weather

Image of a two rainbows in the sky
Double rainbow

We had a small thunderstorm yesterday. Not torrential rain, but thunder and lightning and some heavy rain. After the thunder stopped and the rain was easing off I noticed a rainbow appear in the sky. I grabbed my camera and started to take a few shots. Very soon the sunshine came through a patch of clouds and a double rainbow appeared. This isn’t something I’ve seen a lot of in the UK so was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph it.

All too soon the rainbows were gone. My shoes were thouroughly soaked and my camera was wet, rain spots all over the lens. I’m so pleased it is weather sealed. I headed off back inside, happy that there was something I’de be able to share with you. Within an hour the sun was shining again. I stepped outside, shoes still wet but camera looking a lot better. A quick glance over to the south west shoed me the sun was starting to set and had illuminated the rain clouds giving them the mosts vivid shade of pink I had ever seen in the sky.

The sky is filled with clouds which appear pink as the setting sun hits them
Pink clouds appear as the sun sets

There is about an hour and a half between the time both images were shot, and they were taken from the same place. It is amazing how much the sky can change in just a short space of time.


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