Manchester’s Christmas Market

Each winter, for the past 15 years, the Christmas Market comes to Manchester. There is such a wonderful atmosphere around the market. People are taking advantage of the chance to try some warming winter food and to sample the mulled wine with its sweet apple and cinnamon aroma. It is a wonderful environment to perhaps pick up a gift for a loved one, to taste some freshly cooked German sausage, or to try a glass of spiced cider.

If you get the chance you should visit. It is a friendly atmosphere, safe for families and a joy for children of all ages right up to 100 and over. A lovely day out for all.

a host of sausages cooking on a hot grill
Sizzling Sausages
A woman wearing a hat is seen in the foreground. In the background the lights of the market shine bright.
Girl with a hat
A selection of cheeses are seen, starting right in front of you, fading off as far as the eye can see.
Sausages are not the only foods on sales at the German market
Several women are seen at the counter of one of the stalls of the German Market
Shoppers at the German Market

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