Dunham Massey in the Autumn

Dunham Massey is a wonderful National Trust site, and is perfect to visit anytime of year. In autumn however it is just beautiful. The late afternoon sun shines on the yellow and golden leaves, and if you are lucky enough to see the deer feeding on the last of the season’s acorns then you are in for a treat.

A deer gets closer than I would have imagined
A deer is snuffling through the undergrowth looking for tasty acorns
Deer eating acorns
A leaf appears to be basking in the late afternoon sunshine
A lovely place to stop awhile and watch the world go by
Yes, I did take my camera to the cafe. I am one of those people.
Cake & Coffee
Some birds feed by the water's edge
A swan floats past, eyes closed against the late afternoon sun.
Sleeping beauty

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