A day in the life of Glasgow Central Station

A man waits by the departure board. The clock on the departure board reads 11.24I like street photography. I’m still a little daunted by it, but when I’m out there with my camera trying to capture moments of real life it can be quite exhilarating. As you can also probably tell I like the Black & White look when it comes to street photography.

Train traveller Mobile phones IMG_1683 IMG_1624 IMG_1623 IMG_1621 IMG_1620 IMG_1619 IMG_1618 IMG_1603 IMG_1604 IMG_1605 (1) IMG_1606 IMG_1611 IMG_1612 IMG_1613 IMG_1614 IMG_1602 Four-midable Spain (1) Checking the departures board

6 thoughts on “A day in the life of Glasgow Central Station

  1. I agree with your black and white approach for me it represents an attractive reminiscence type of aesthetic which suits this form of photography. I too am a fan of street photography but as an observer of peoples work rather than a participant. Although i am a keen amateur photographer i find it very difficult to just pull my camera out in a public place and start snapping away. Particularly as the first time i ever tried it out a scaffolding worker stormed up to me and threatened to end my life for taking his picture, some people huh. I guess like anything thou it takes time to settle into the swing of it. Keep up the good work and happy new year.

    1. Hello Ken, thanks for taking the time to comment. Sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with your first toe in the water of the genre. Not all people are like that I can assure you. Hopefully it won’t put you and off and you’ll give it another go.

      I too find it difficult but it does get easier each time. I try not to be secretive. I do not hide the camera, and I do try to make eye contact with people and just generally walk around smiling like an idiot. Put yourself in the mindset of a tourist and I find it becomes a little easier.

      I do hope you try again and I’m sure you won;t get such a negative response all the time.


      1. Danny! Very few people take the time to look up and admire that fantastic roof and quality piece of engineering. I think people should take the blinkers off and look around, they may just be a little surprised with what they see…

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