Time-lapse of the night sky

I am fascinated with the night sky. If you saw my Star Trails post then you will know that I do like to try to photograph the stars despite living in a highly light polluted area. Well I’ve made a video that hopeful you can see above.

It is a short 15 second video, but hopefully it will give an idea of the type of video I would like to make. I know this isn’t going to win any awards, there are much better examples of the genre available. However it is an important part of the learning process. When I do get to a dark sky place hopefully I will know what I’m doing and will be able to make something better. Always learning.

2 thoughts on “Time-lapse of the night sky

    1. Thanks Ken. That’s very much appreciated.

      I did have a go at making a time-lapse of the clouds whizzing past last year, so technically this is my second attempt. Certainly my first astro time-lapse.

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