Trying food photography

Chorizo and mushroom pasta

Food photography is always something I’ve found difficult. This seems an odd thing to say in this day and age where you can’t go into a cafe or restaurant without somebody Instagramming their coffee or uploading an image of their breakfast to Facebook.I guess it’s the styling I struggle with. I’m happy backlighting and adding in fill to the highlights, but making to food look attractive is just not my strong suit. Still, one has to try.

So into the kitchen I went. I prepared some pasta, added chorizo and mushrooms, and made a sauce which was mainly garlic and bitter, but had a good dash of the starchy pasta water which I’m told is the way the Italians do it. This was finished off with a few fresh basil leaves to add a splash of complimentary colour. The result is the photo you see above.

And what was for dessert? Cheesecake, my favourite.

8 thoughts on “Trying food photography

  1. It is fun to try and more importantly eat! Some of the noodles seem to be blown out too much, my eye does go towards the fork more. After awhile i begin to notice small things like little specs of food on the fork or sauce on the side of the dish, the little black triangle at the top left. Maybe I’m just getting hungry. 🙂

    1. Yes, I’m not too happy with the fork either to be honest. I have learnt from the experience, and I hope to get better in the future. Most of those little specs are small chunks of garlic. I went a little mad with it. I love the stuff but I’m not so sure my coworkers thanked me for it the day after. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

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