Xander and the Peace Pirates

Xander and the Peace Pirates

The image of football has shifted a fair old bit. From working class men with cloth cap, through to beer swilling hooligans of the 1970s and 80s, passed the Prawn Sandwich Brigade, and now into a family day out, albeit an expensive one. The team I go to watch have introduced a Family Park with games and activities, souvenir stalls, hot and cold food, beer (which is presumable just for the adults), and live music. This week the band on were two young guys with guitars, called Xander and the Peace Pirates.

The boys were full of enthusiasm and some mean guitar riffs as they sang a medley of contemporary hits. I was travelling light, photography gear wise, and only had a fixed length 50mm lens with me, but managed to approach the stage and took a few snaps.


So, as the singer of the band said, “Put your hands together – those of your that have them” for Xander and the Peace Pirates. They play at The Cavern Pub in Liverpool most Sunday evenings. If you are in the area then I would definitely recommend going to see them.