The best photography tip I’ve ever heard

Early morning light in winter
Early morning light in winter

I read a lot of photography blogs, watch many tutorials on YouTube, own a stack of photography books, and have been known to purchase the occasional photo magazine too. There are lots of hints and tips on how to master composition, develop your own personal style, use the latest techniques, and myriad of other topics. Some of these are very useful, others not so much.

Recently however I have come across the greatest photography tip I’ve ever heard.

Tony Northrup suggested not using a camera bag. Simple as that. No fancy settings, no tricks, nothing technical, no golden ratios. If you are out with your camera, don’t have it in a bag.

I tend to take a camera with me wherever I go. Quite a lot of the time however I’m either to shy or intimidated to go through the rigmarole of opening the bag, taking the camera out, and start shooting. I’ve been to events and functions with my camera and not taken a single shot. Fear, forgetfulness, lethargy, and I don’t know what have often made me just leave the camera safely tucked away inside my bag. Useless.

So the past week I’ve not only taken my camera with me, but also only used the bag for safe transportation. The result? Photographs appeared. I’ve taken more pictures in the past week than I have in the previous three months. I love taking pictures and anything that helps me take more is a good thing.


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