Evening kick off

Anfield stadium is illuminated in the dark of night
Anfield by night

I watch a lot of football. This usually takes place at the weekend when I’m off work. Sometimes there are mid-week games, but because I work away a lot I often miss these games. This week however I was fortunate enough to be at home whilst there was a mid-week match. I took the opportunity to take my camera along and try to capture some of the occasion.

Photograph showing array of Liverpool scarves, hats, and badges.
Hats, badges, and scarves
Photo opportunity
Photo opportunity
Ticket information
Ticket information
One section of the largely empty ground. A few seats have been taken, but most are yet to be occupied.
Seats waiting to be filled
A young fan turns and faces the camera whilst waiting for the game to start
A row of seats. Seat 182 is prominent in the frame.
Seat 182

If anybody is interested in the game, my favourite team won the game 3-2 in a close and thrilling game. I wish it were like this every week?


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