Taking action

For a while now I’ve wanted to take more portraits. Regular readers of my blog will of course notice that most portraits I post are self-portraits. Whilst this is ok to practice lighting techniques this way it is rather limiting for me, and dull for you to say the least. I’ve been considering joining one of these collaboration websites where photographers, models, make-up artists, and the like can get together to produce images. Whilst careful consideration is never a bad thing, it never actually helps you achieve anything. For achievement, action is required.

Rather than sit around and wait for opportunity to come looking for me, I joined PurplePort. This was the start. I took a couple of days to get to know the site, and how the groups and casting calls work. Deciding that the best action to get me started would be some time with a professional model; somebody with experience who knows the score and can show me the ropes. Fortunately for me, a very talented and beautiful model, Sinopa Rin is touring my local area, and will be having some time at a nearby studio. We got in touch and I’ve booked some time with Sinopa at the studio. I’m absolutely thrilled by this. Sinopa is not only a tremendous model, but also has experience on the other side of the camera. She’s offered to help me out with lighting and how to direct a model, getting good poses, and image selection. This is going to help me enormously.

I can’t expect that any of the photographs I take will be up to the standard of some of her work with other photographers, in fact I know they won’t be, but to have all that experience and knowledge available to me is just far too good an opportunity to pass up. The shoot will take place some time next month.

This isn’t where my story of action and PurplePort ends however. I have a month to wait until the planned shoot. Perhaps I could get some practice in. What, I wonder, are the chances of another amazing model crossing my path like this by chance? Slim. More action required. I found the account of a beginner part time model who lives in the same city, and was looking for some decent photographs to boost her portfolio. She wants photographs, I want to get more practice at taking them. A perfect opportunity. I took action and sent her a message, introducing myself and suggesting that we could help each other. The basic gist being that he stands in front of my camera and I press the shutter button. She gets the pictures she needs for her portfolio, and I get practice and experience directing a model and actually taking the photos. I was delighted beyond belief when she agreed. We are yet to arrange a specific date and location, but soon I will get the chance to take some portraits and you, dear reader, won’t have to suffer another self-portrait.

Action produces results. If there is something you have always wanted to do, then take action and start doing it.

In the meantime here is, yes you guessed it, another self-portrait.