Getting on the Front Page

My first ever Front Page Image on PurplePort
My first ever Front Page Image on PurplePort

I’ve been on the PurplePort website for about a month now. It’s a fun place to be. There are some incredibly talented models, hair and make up artists, and photographers there. They are all share their work and collaborate together to produce some beautiful and breathtaking images.

One of the features of the site, right on the home page, is a section for Front Page Images (FPI). The are photographs that a small team of the community of the site have deemed as worthy of featuring on the home page of the website, something to show off the talents of the members of the site and to draw in potential new members. They are seen as a badge of honour, and having a FPI image in your portfolio is to be lauded. There are groups specially dedicated to FPIs where members will chat about recent successes in the field.

Obviously the world of working with models is all new to me. My portfolio currently consists of Lego and self-portraits. Nothing earth shattering, no visions of desire, and no huge conceptual depictions of art. Also, I have no reference to my name at this point which won’t do much to encourage potential models to work with me.

Something happened last week. I started getting notifications from the site. I get one or two now and again, but suddenly I have five, then a dozen, then twenty. Odd. Then more notifications. Curious. One of the notifications was from the site stating that one of my images had been chose for the Front Page. I was overjoyed! The inner sanctum of the site had chosen one of my images as being worthy of an FPI award. They even attach a little badge to your photo, like a gold star sticker from the schoolteacher.

The image selected was the one you see above, a couple of my Lego mini-figures holding hands, and watching the sunset. You may have seen it here before but this time is has the sticker on it. People liked it. Lots and lots of PhotoLove came my way, and people wrote such lovely comments praising my work and stating how much they enjoyed viewing it. I looked at the front page of the site and there was my Lego image along with some fantastic images of beauty, art, creative lighting, incredible poses, and young ladies in their under-crackers. That was a good day.

Unfortunately today’s model shoot had to be cancelled at short notice, hence the blog post. I do however have a shoot arranged with an incredibly talented model next week. I am thrilled and enthused about my photography. Starting this process has been somewhat daunting for me at times, but right now I am loving the ride!

Looking forward to sharing some images of a real person other than myself with you soon.


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