Ella – A remarkable young lady

Just as you though winter was over and spring finally on the way the British weather has once again taken a turn for the worse. Cold mornings and rain do tend to weaken the sprit so I though I’d share with you a photoshoot from last summer, with hopefully a heart warming twist to the tale.

Those of you daft enough to ever read my other posts will know I usually have a less than serious tone, and poke a little bit of fun out of myself. This one is slightly different; I still waffle on, but there are no jokes, just a remarkable young woman.

I first sent a message to Ella after my third photo shoot. I’d struggled with confidence at the beginning of my PurplePort “career”, but three photo shoot in and all had gone well, my confidence was sky high and I was ready to take on the world. I’d spotted Ella in her Everybody Welcome post, and then she appeared looking absolutely stunning on the Front Page so I sent Ella a “wanna shoot?” message. If I’m honest I expected a “thanks but no thanks” reply, I mean what could I possibly offer a model like Ella to improve her portfolio? I was astounded to receive a yes reply, and so we went about the process of setting up a shoot. Super.

As time passed I started to worry more and more about the shoot, and really started doubting my abilities.  Then one day my recently rebuilt confidence just shattered. I composed a tearful message expelling why I had to cancel the shoot, I just wasn’t good enough, and explained that she should be working with photographers who can help her, and that certainly wasn’t me. I pressed send, and waited. Soon enough a reply came from Ella and I almost fell over when I read it. I was expecting to be rebuked for wasting so much time, or told to pull myself together, or …. I don’t actually know what I was expecting. Ella’s reply had none of this. Ella’s reply was the most supportive and encouraging message I’d received on PP. I won’t tell you the specifics of what she said to me, but ten minutes after reading it I knew that I could do this, the shoot was back on, and I was feeling a whole lot better about photography and the world in general. In short, I was taught a life lesson by somebody 30 years my junior. This is quite a humbling experience I can tell you.

Ella was 16 at the time of the shoot. She has recently turned 17 – happy birthday Ella – but never have I know such compassion and maturity from one so young.

That’s enough of my talk. Let’s see how the shoot went.

I should point out that because of Ella’s age, I insisted that she bring along a chaperone. I decided that I’d bring along a chaperone too, just for safety. Well the chaperones had been chatting along all the way through the shoot, getting along like a house on fire.

At this point of the shoot both chaperones wandered off for a nice chat together about Facebook, shopping, men, or whatever it is that chaperones talk about. I had to stop the shoot, and drag them back so they could keep an eye on me. Worst chaperones ever! Wink

I had a great shoot with Ella, and it really did do wonders for my confidence. She certainly is a remarkable young lady and I’m grateful to have worked with her.

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