River Cottage 10th Anniversary

On Thursday 8th September we visited River Cottage HQ for their 10th Anniversary celebrations, the launch of a new booked titled “River Cottage A-Z”, some great food, and more than a little wine.

As per usual, I took my camera along, and documented the event.

Hope you like the photos.

We arrived on the back of a tractor
Homemade cider cocktails in the sun
Live music
Time to refelct in the kitchen garden
Farm cat
Taking in the scenic views

And then the man himself, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall arrived with a short message.

Buy my book!

Hugh thanked those who had been involved in the creation of the new book and also been a part of building the River Cottage community.

Tim, sporting an excellent hat, but no longer with the sideburns
Pam The Jam
Mushroom John
Selfie time
Book signing
“You bought how many books?!”
Announcing Britain’s favourite ingedient

I took a few candid shots of the party-goers enjoying Hugh’s pontifications.

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5t5a2571 5t5a2575

More live music


Thank you for looking.