Barter Books, Alnwich

I love Barter Books. My first visit to this fabulous second-hand bookshop was quite by accident, back in 2011. We were visiting Alnwick, primarily to go to the castle and gardens, and discovered Barter Books whilst wandering around the town one day. This time, when we decided to go back to Alnwick, the bookshop was on my list of must see attractions.

I decided to make a short film about our visit to the bookshop, and wanted record a short introduction.¬†Talking to the camera in public is something I’ve found difficult, too difficult to even attempt, but I decided that I had to at least have a go and record a short introduction to camera. I was a tourist and it didn’t really matter how daft I looked.

All in all I enjoyed making this short film, and of course the shop was everything I’d remembered and more. I’m not 100% happy with the video, but it is progress in my photographic journey, and as my first vlog style recording marks a little milestone.

Anyway, enough words, here are some moving pictures ….