Hello, and thank you for your interest. My name is Danny and I like to take photographs.

If you wish to hear my ramblings on Twitter then you are more than welcome to follow me there. I’m quite chatty and won’t try to sell you anything. If you want a follow back then say hello. I like people who are happy to chit-chat about anything and nothing.

You can see more of my photographs on Flickr by following this link flickr.com/dannymol, or if you prefer Tumblr then there are some pictures here dannymol.tumblr.com

Thanks once again for you interest. I do hope you like my pictures.

Come and view my Facebook page, if you like that sort of thing, Instagram users can find me here, or my portfolio is available to view below.

Portraits & Headshots

I love portraiture. Definitely my favourite type of image to create. If you can show a person’s character, or portray their emotion to the viewer then it is a photo well worth taking.

Fashion & Beauty

I’m not much of a fashion expert, I generally leave the big styling decisions to the models, but I do love to capture elegant and sometimes unusual outfits on camera.

Food & Drink

Who doesn’t like food eh? Food photography I’ve found to be one of my biggest challenges. It looks so easy, but in reality is a very difficult craft to master.


The change to transform ideas into actual photographs gives me a real thrill. Something that I would love to do more of.


I love to capture real life as it unfolds in front of you. Nothing staged, just actual moments in life.

Lego & Toys

Before I ever got to work with real models, these little stand in characters really helped me figure out how to light a scene. Happy to work any time of day, and they never complain about the cold.

Landscape & Architecture

Landscape photography I find incredibly difficult, but I love those types of images so must try and improve my skills in the genre.

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