Changeable weather

Image of a two rainbows in the sky
Double rainbow

We had a small thunderstorm yesterday. Not torrential rain, but thunder and lightning and some heavy rain. After the thunder stopped and the rain was easing off I noticed a rainbow appear in the sky. I grabbed my camera and started to take a few shots. Very soon the sunshine came through a patch of clouds and a double rainbow appeared. This isn’t something I’ve seen a lot of in the UK so was delighted to have the opportunity to photograph it.

All too soon the rainbows were gone. My shoes were thouroughly soaked and my camera was wet, rain spots all over the lens. I’m so pleased it is weather sealed. I headed off back inside, happy that there was something I’de be able to share with you. Within an hour the sun was shining again. I stepped outside, shoes still wet but camera looking a lot better. A quick glance over to the south west shoed me the sun was starting to set and had illuminated the rain clouds giving them the mosts vivid shade of pink I had ever seen in the sky.

The sky is filled with clouds which appear pink as the setting sun hits them
Pink clouds appear as the sun sets

There is about an hour and a half between the time both images were shot, and they were taken from the same place. It is amazing how much the sky can change in just a short space of time.

Extension tubes

Pretty flower

Macro photography appeals to me. The idea of not having to ask your subject to pose and never getting a refusal when asking if you can take a picture fits right within my comfort zone.

The issue is, that I don’t have a dedicated macro lens to fit my new camera. I do have a have a macro lens for my  older camera, but alas it will not work on the new one. So I was looking online at a couple of options. It was a question of how many hundreds of pounds do you want to spend? A few hundred or quite a lot. Hmmmmm, neither option seemed that appealing to me.

I’d been reading about extension tubes. These will alter the closest focussing distance of any lens you attach to your camera. I bought a set of three tubes of different size for £41. These were then attached to my camera along with my trusty 50mm lens and I went out looking for flowers and insects. I am absolutely delighted with the results.

Lunch over

Another buzzy thing

Pollen eater


Feeding time

Landscapes in Littleborough

Littleborough scenery

I’m not very good at landscape photography. It is something I have always wanted to be better at.  It takes work, a lot of work. It takes effort, patience and skill. I decided that the only way to get better is to make that effort. To try. So I got up extra early, before dawn. I set out to a nice area that was nearby where we were staying, set up the tripod, and waited for the sun to rise. Unfortunately the sunrise was completely covered in cloud. I only saw the sky getting gradually brighter and brighter, but couldn’t actually see the sun. I went back to bed. I got back up at about 9:00AM and could see the sun. There were fishbone clouds in the beautiful blue sky. I went back out, set up the tripod again, and took the picture you see above. It isn’t going to win any awards, but it is the best landscape image I’ve ever managed to take.

It has however inspired me to try some more. I even tried a portrait orientation landscape picture, if that makes any sense.