Here is a selection of some of my favourite references and testimonials from the people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with.

Sinopa Rin
Funny, relaxed, spontaneous, collaborative: Danny gets the highest possible recommendation from me and I’d work with him again in a heartbeat.
Very genuine, witty and friendly person with awesome photography skills to boots!
Harley Monster
Friendly, approachable, professional and easy going and great fun to shoot with.
Vivi Blue
Danny is polite and professional throughout the shoot and an utter gentleman!
Amber Castle
He is extremely professional, considerate and kind, looked after me so well and we chatted easily all day
Becky Kvittems
As a person he is polite, respectful of levels, creative, willing to try things and just good company.
Katarina Marie Mannequin
He’s one of those engaging, warm people who makes everything feel fun, and easy.
Meg Sarah
I had a great shoot with Danny today. He’s very relaxed, considerate and easy to get along with.
Catalina Love
Danny is as ever respectful and polite with a fun approach.
Cinnamon Gaze
… he is a breath of fresh air, charmingly humble, kind, caring, and, above all – talented.
Scarlett Fox
Danny is such brilliant company, he’s bubbly, fun, courteous, he made sure I felt safe, comfortable, and happy throughout our shoot, he’s hilarious, and above all very professional.
Purple Princess
He is a cool, friendly, fun and professional guy to work with and I enjoyed the range of ideas we tried. Good taste in music and treats. Highly Recommended
Sinopa Rin (again)
You’ll struggle to find someone more laid-back, considerate and with such a keenness to learn as Danny. You’ll be respected, looked after and you’ll laugh your socks off all day.
Stephanie Dubois
… kind, caring, friendly, happy, relaxed, and awesome!
He is all of the best things you want in a photographer, kind, considerate, friendly, relaxed (the list goes on…)
Miss Deadly Serenity
Had my third shoot with Danny and just like the rest it was a blast
Marianne Di Vine
Danny is amazing! Just wow, never met quite such a gentleman!
Artemis Fauna
Fabulous shoot

Fabulous photographer

Fabulous snacks

Fabulous images

Fabulous time had..!

Kira Dawn
Danny is great company and a fantastic photographer. Highly recommended