Time-lapse of the night sky

I am fascinated with the night sky. If you saw my Star Trails post then you will know that I do like to try to photograph the stars despite living in a highly light polluted area. Well I’ve made a video that hopeful you can see above.

It is a short 15 second video, but hopefully it will give an idea of the type of video I would like to make. I know this isn’t going to win any awards, there are much better examples of the genre available. However it is an important part of the learning process. When I do get to a dark sky place hopefully I will know what I’m doing and will be able to make something better. Always learning.

Star Trails

Star trails
Star trails streak across the night sky

I don’t live in a dark sky area. I live in a busy city, with a large population, and close to an airport. The airport is about two miles away from my house. I know exactly what light pollution is.

I’ve always had an interest in photographs of the night sky, but living so close to the airport any images I take have an orange cast to them. Getting a black sky is difficult and seeing stars, more so. Still, it is possible and I thought I’d give it a go. Last night was a very crisp and clear evening, plenty of the constellations could be viewed by the naked eye. I decided to give it a try.

I set up the camera on the tripod, pointed it as the sky, set the intervalometer, and left it all clicking away. The image you see has been adjusted for colour balance  and I had to bring the black point in a bit to darken the sky. It is a blend of 230 30 second exposure images. This was done with the wonderful StarStaX software.