Barter Books, Alnwich

I love Barter Books. My first visit to this fabulous second-hand bookshop was quite by accident, back in 2011. We were visiting Alnwick, primarily to go to the castle and gardens, and discovered Barter Books whilst wandering around the town one day. This time, when we decided to go back to Alnwick, the bookshop was on my list of must see attractions.

I decided to make a short film about our visit to the bookshop, and wanted record a short introduction.┬áTalking to the camera in public is something I’ve found difficult, too difficult to even attempt, but I decided that I had to at least have a go and record a short introduction to camera. I was a tourist and it didn’t really matter how daft I looked.

All in all I enjoyed making this short film, and of course the shop was everything I’d remembered and more. I’m not 100% happy with the video, but it is progress in my photographic journey, and as my first vlog style recording marks a little milestone.

Anyway, enough words, here are some moving pictures ….



A day out at Tatton Park

I love taking photos, but recently I’ve been trying to branch out into making short video clips. The scope for storytelling is much greater with video, and don’t we all just love a good story – children and adults.

Way back in the late 1980s/early 1990s, I did spend a few long summers as a wedding videographer. I started off assisting one of the local wedding videographers, learning the craft, before he sub-contracted me out to film under his brand.

There can be a fairly fixed pattern to a wedding, the story you tell is already meticulously planned out through the day. I want to tell my own stories. So, in order to get back into the swing of planning, filming, looking for shots, telling a story, sound design, and post-production editing, I’ve been making short films of days out.

Here is a short couple of minutes clip of a day out at Tatton Park in Cheshire, all shot on an iPhone, a little different than the shoulder mounted VHS camcorder I got started with.

Thank you for watching.


P.S. Here’s a photo a guest took of me filming a wedding. You can tell it was the 1980s by the double breasted suit with shoulder pads. You can also tell it was a long time ago by the fact I have a head full of hair, long since departed.

Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 12.45.13

I made a video

Video is of course the future of social media. It’s a great medium, and not that most of us have access to faster internet speeds than we did 10 years ago, it’s usage will only continue to grow.

Way back in the later 1980s/early 1990s, I used to video weddings at weekends. Super VHS had just arrived as a format, and I used to run around in a double breasted suit with a camcorder on my shoulder, recording the couple’s happy day.

These days video is a lot different, and most of us will have the ability to record HD 1080p video in our pockets or bags. My biggest issue is that I don’t try. So, in an effort to get back into the medium, and get up to speed on modern methods of editing, I decided to record a short behind the scenes film of me preparing for a portrait session at home.

I do hope you like it, and thanks for watching.


Making a cup of tea

I dont get the chance to create much video, but that’s something I’m in the process of changing. I love the drama that can be captured in a moment of time with a photograph, but for telling a story, moving pictures are hard to beat.

I created this video as an exercise in short, snappy edits, but also to try out some Foley sound recording techniques, all the while keeping in mind the idea of story. This story was simply about tea. What better story could there be?

Hope you like it.


Time-lapse of the night sky

I am fascinated with the night sky. If you saw my Star Trails post then you will know that I do like to try to photograph the stars despite living in a highly light polluted area. Well I’ve made a video that hopeful you can see above.

It is a short 15 second video, but hopefully it will give an idea of the type of video I would like to make. I know this isn’t going to win any awards, there are much better examples of the genre available. However it is an important part of the learning process. When I do get to a dark sky place hopefully I will know what I’m doing and will be able to make something better. Always learning.